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You don’t need huge sums of money to kickstart an investment habit. Whether you have £50 a where best to invest month to begin with or want to invest a windfall of £10,000, there’s no time like the present to get your money working harder. Over the long term, investing money will produce far greater returns than you’ll get from high street savings accounts. But for beginners, the question is: how should I invest? We’ve put together four different investment scenarios and asked the experts how they would invest the cash. The answers should help beginner investors of any age and any financial background plan for their family’s future by offering hints and tips on how and where they should invest their cash. As always, if you are in any doubt, make sure you seek independent financial advice to help you make the right decisions.If you are investing over a short time period, such as less than five years, then you should stick to cash. You should look to make regular premiums into a cash Isa, where all interest will be paid tax-free. 54243


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